Liberty is Freedom, Liberty is Justice Liberty is Equality, AND PURSUIT FOR HAPPINESS!!!

“We, the People” has been used tremendously since the Founding Fathers of this Democracy had written it within the United States Constitution. However, some officials adopt their self interest versus the interest of the people.

As your candidate, my primary focus is to be the voice of the people. I will be the advocate for those who are overlooked like the well-educated black grandmother, who received her degree in her middle-age, who is constantly denied her dream career. I will speak out for the vulnerable, like our children who keep each and every piece of information that is poured into them throughout their lives, whether at school, at home, or in public. I will stand up for the misused, like the disabled veterans who stand on the corner, searching for compassion from the country they served and are now starving and homeless in. I will be understanding of the misunderstood, such as those who suffer from mental illness who have been thrown aside by society because of things they can’t control. Moreover, I will be a warrior for the oppressed, like the minorities whose rights are on conditional terms when they should be permanent.

So, I stand firmly before all and stand for all that all should receive freedom, justice, equality and PURSUIT FOR HAPPINESS.”

Misty L. Bishop, MPA Democratic Candidate Texas Senate District 4


Education is the key to success, but it is also the essential component to survive in our society. It is crucial for all students to receive the same adequate resources to prepare them for College and their future careers.

Misty L. Bishop is a paralegal who is also a poet, a published author, former recording artist/radio personality, community activist and entrepreneur who resides in Houston, Texas.

She is the wife of a local visual artist, Mack L Bishop III and together they have four sons: Mack IV (Onyi), Malik Lali, Mansur Lemuel and Manolo Lavi. She is also the daughter of Pastor Mary Lois Shotlow and Clarence, and Herbert Lee Edwards and sister of Clarence Shotlow Jr, Cameron Shotlow, Michelle Shotlow, Monica Augustus, Kevin Young, LaTresia Bookman, Hershanber Bookman, and Beatrice Johnson. Misty is also a native of Grimes County, Texas and an alumna of Anderson-Shiro Jr-Sr. High School, and Texas Southern University.

Misty has a Bachelor of Science degree in Administration of Justice and minor in Speech Communication, and Masters in Public Administration with honors from Texas Southern University. She also has a paralegal/legal assistant certificate from Southwestern Professional Institute. She’s currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Public Administration & Public Policy and a law degree to specialize in transactional, taxation, mergers & acquisitions law as well as sports &

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